I’ve moved!!

Published February 19, 2013 by Leah

Sorry I haven’t posted in SO SO SOOO  long, but I have some good and bad news, which do u wanna hear first? Okay, bad news? Well the bad news is I wont be posting on this website anymore :c! BUT the good news is I’ve moved websites and have been hired for an amazing site called Charmheart! You can find all my new posts there and that’s where I will continue to post my work C:! Click Below to be redirected!



Published November 15, 2012 by Leah

xD Yes I surprisingly have not quit making heads! I’ve just been lazy and busy o.e you know? SO I HAVE SOME GOODIES FOR YOU! to make up for the long long long time since I updated last, I have made three new heads! Well, One was a head I uploaded for myself but I thought I would give it to you and do some recolours! So i made two girls head and a boys head and I FREAKING LOVE THE BOY HEAD<3! xD so blah blah C: thanks for supporting me andI hope you enjoy these! And sorry for not updating v.v recently<3 i promise promise promise I will update on a more daily basis! 😀 oh and yeah, Im not taking requests at the moment because I have been letting people down and I still have so many things to make for other people xD s000, until next time!

*Don’t claim as yours and remember when uploading don’t set transparency* Enjoy!


Published November 1, 2012 by Leah

Due to a high request to make bodies I shall start making body’s now too! It will mainly be edits xD but I’ll try my best to make it original c: Please tell me what you would like to see!


Esco’s Halloween Heads!

Published October 31, 2012 by Leah

Hello people! Today I have been quite busy and I havent had much time to make stuff 😦 So! An acquaintance of mine (Esco) has asked if he could show some of his work on my site! So of course I said yes! Thanks to Esco you all have these lovely Halloween heads he made! Enjoy! Also, later if I have time I will be posting some bodies!

*Don’t claim as yours and remember when uploading don’t set transparency* Enjoy!

Rainbow Bunny Slippers Body (BOY & GIRL)!!

Published October 28, 2012 by Leah

Hey guys! Here’s a little treat since I didn’t actually post any gfx yesterday other than a tutorial c: So these are basically just normal bunny slippers body’s with the slippers rainbow! And since I know a lot of guys have been wanting body’s too so I did a version for them too ^^ Have fun! You can edit these anyway you like, just give me SOME credit. And PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEASE COMMENT!! I need to know if I’m doing a good job, if you want to give me tips or ideas and I just plan love reading your comments<3 all of em!

*Don’t claim as yours and remember when uploading don’t set transparency* Enjoy!