Rainbow Bunny Slippers Body (BOY & GIRL)!!

Published October 28, 2012 by Leah

Hey guys! Here’s a little treat since I didn’t actually post any gfx yesterday other than a tutorial c: So these are basically just normal bunny slippers body’s with the slippers rainbow! And since I know a lot of guys have been wanting body’s too so I did a version for them too ^^ Have fun! You can edit these anyway you like, just give me SOME credit. And PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEASE COMMENT!! I need to know if I’m doing a good job, if you want to give me tips or ideas and I just plan love reading your comments<3 all of em!

*Don’t claim as yours and remember when uploading don’t set transparency* Enjoy!


9 comments on “Rainbow Bunny Slippers Body (BOY & GIRL)!!

  • omg leah this is soo bootyful C: jskfmeio. you should index it ;0. when you do something that’s for girls, you should try to make a boy version (like this) to get boys interested too 😀 but do whatever you feel like doing (x anyways, keep up the good work<3

  • Hey Leah cute bunny can you do it in athere body I like it but I want bunny rainbow if you can here is the body pichttp://www.graaldepot.com/wp-content/gallery/graal-bodies/classic_personal_body_graal782555-137.png

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